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FWP 19: Sympathetic Dominance with Wayne Todd

Episode 19
27, Sep, 2018
}30 Minutes

Show Notes

Do you feel stressed? Maybe you are feeling fatigue, run down, have trouble switching off, have hormonal issues, the list goes on. Trust us you are not alone.So today Shelley and Jess are calling in the big guns Dr Wayne Todd to talk about Sympathetic Dominance and how this could be a contributing factor to your health. Wayne is practicing Chiropractor who has completed extensive post graduate training in Functional Neurology – making him one of very few in Australia with this knowledge. Within his 30 years of clinic practice he recognised a common link between many different issues and that was being in a state of chronic stress or as we now know it – Sympathetic Dominance. This is a huge topic and this chronic state of stress may be the root cause of a whole host of health issues, therefore we will be recording a series of podcasts with Wayne so that we can go in depth with some of the most common.




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