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FWP 17: Overcoming Insecurity with Jaemin Frazer

Episode 17
13, Sep, 2018
}30 Minutes

Show Notes

Did you know the average person has around 70,000 internal conversations with ourselves each day, and the average woman has 30,000 self limiting or negative thoughts about herself each day. After hearing these stats Shelley and Jess decided to get on someone who could help us work through our self limiting beliefs.
Jaemin is one of Australia’s leading personal development experts with a specific focus on helping people eradicate insecurity from their life. He is the author of elegantly simple solutions for complex people problems and the voice behind “one minute coach” radio/podcast segments.

He has been actively helping people bring about transformational change in their lives through coaching, mentoring and various leadership roles over 20 years. Jaemin is a gifted communicator and today the girls dive into finding solutions for you to start working on your thoughts.




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