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FWP 14: Stress Less with Jess and Shelley

Episode 14
23, Aug, 2018
}28 Minutes

Show Notes

Who is living a life in stress mode? Don’t worry you are not alone and to be honest in today’s day and age it is hard not to respond to so much of the world in a fight or flight mode. Today on the FWP Shelley and Jess dive into what stress actually is. What stress is doing to your body. What foods can help dampen the stress response and a whole heaps of cheap and effective lifestyle tips you can start implementing today.

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Freedom Wellness Podcast is designed to help women live a life full of health, happiness and of course with a little bit of sass. Dr Jess Naughton (Chiropractor) and Shelley McKenzie (Nutritionist) are here to give you the tools you need to girl boss your life and take control. Tune in every week for a sprinkle of inspiration and to hear the people ‘in the know’ interviewed about ways in which you can live your best and healthiest life.

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