September 8, 2015

CC73 : When money needs a miracle,Jodie Nolan has the answers

What started out as a conversation about the global economic condition, ended in a powerful wrap up of what it takes to create an empowered relationship with money. Let’s face it, everyone rides a bit of a roller coaster with money from time to time and as I love to say, ‘when emotion is high, intelligence is low’ and no more relevant is this statement, than when it comes to money.

Jodie has the most incredible gift to make money make sense without any emotional baggage attached and she helps us to make decisions that have all the ‘indicators’ ticked off. If it makes sense…. Do it! If it doesn’t…. Don’t!!! It’s no more simple or complex than that!

Join me this week for a truly uplifting and informative show!!

Check Jodie out and become a client of hers…. I am!!!