October 13, 2015

CC 78 : When life throws you lemons, make lemonade

Welcome to one of the most awe inspiring show on the airwaves!!

About 3 months ago I came across this powerhouse woman, Seane Corn who is a profound leader and Yogi hell bent on bringing the Yogic teachings to the world by opening hearts and minds to the truth of who we are. Seane pulls no punches, is practical, powerful and in her own words… “Confronting” (and, when you listen to her, you’ll agree. She is one potent woman on a mission!)

Seane is one of those gifted leaders who can translate a complex message into everyday language and open your eyes to see that life was always meant to be a class-room filled with lessons and choices. Asking you to choose in favour of your greatness, Seane dives deep into what it will take to turn our pain and suffering into triumph and brilliance!!

To reach out to Seane and to check out her program, Off the Mat, go to www.seanecorn.com