August 11, 2015

CC 69 : Edgars Mission

With a heart full of love, passion and a desire to make this world a better place for our animal friends, Pam Ahern founded Edgars Mission in country Victoria, named the farm after her pet pig and from that day to this, she has saved hundreds of lives. In her journey she has experienced the greatest highs of animal affection to the lowest of lows when her attempts to undo what man has done has failed.

Today, I talk to Pam about her work, her farm and her incredibly positive attitude and belief in man’s ability to respect the custodians of our planet. This is a magical interview which left me in tears at the end, and a conversation I will be eternally grateful for!!

Enjoy today’s ‘feel good’ show and share the love with a four legged friend for just a little longer today!!.

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