April 21, 2016

BW 4 : Francine Bell- Additive Free Kids


Does any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Child gone wild running around the room
  • Child having an angry outburst for apparently no reason
  • Child having foggy thinking with no ability to concentrate
  • Child consistently see-sawing from high to low
  • Child complaining of tummy aches
  • Child breaking out in unexplainable rashes or hives
  • Child demonstrating ADHD type behaviours


If you’ve witnessed any of the above occurring in your children, have you ever considered that it may be the food they’re eating that is causing this?


This week on Bumi’s World we navigate the high seas of additives and preservatives with super mum extroadinaire, Francine Bell of Additive Free Kids.


When Francine noticed some of the above conditions occurring in her young son, she went on a journey to remove harmful food additives and preservatives from his and her family’s life and in the process, transform the whole family’s health.


This week, learn about the ocean of additives and preservatives in our foods and what you can do to avoid them and transform your family’s health too.


Additive Free Kids Webiste