January 19, 2017

BW 22: Self Care for Mums with Kirstie Stockx

Are you a Mum?
Do you always put everyone else before yourself: your kids, your husband, your extended family, your pets? Does everyone in your life get your love and care? Everyone except the person who matters the most…you?

If you found yourself nodding in agreement to the above questions, then this episode is for you.

Today on the show we have author, speaker and mum, Kirstie Stockx. She’s an educator that specialises in personal wellbeing for mums with young kids.

She talks about the four areas of practical self-care, that help mums feel happy, confident and relaxed. Do you feel like you could do with some motivation in those three areas? (I think we all could do with some help in these areas, whether we’re mums or not!)

If you do, then make sure you tune into this insightful episode for some practical tips in self-care for mums.

And as a special bonus, Kirstie has provided us with a code so you can order her book “Self Car For Mums” and receive FREE shipping!

Head to her website www.selfcareformums.com and use the code BUMI at the checkout.