January 5, 2017

BW 21: Leandra Brady – Chiropractic and self-love for you and the family

Did you know that crawling is vital for your child’s brain development?

Did you know that it’s still ok, as a mum, to have dreams and aspirations of your own? You don’t have to feel guilty for wanting more!

Did you know that Jolly Jumpers & Bumbos are actually detrimental to your child’s physical and mental growth?

Did you know that it’s ok to not loose all your baby weight?

Did you know, that as a mum, you don’t have to be perfect and always get everything done?!

In today’s podcast we touch on all these subjects with our guest Leandra Brady Walker, also known as The Cosmo Hippie!

Leandra is a chiropractor and author who sheds her wisdom on all the above topics. A fascinating podcast that will change the way you look at your child’s physical & mental development and also your own. You’re going to love this one!

To find out more about Leandra, head to her website: