October 20, 2016

BW 17: Primal Play for kids with Primal Influence

Redefine your definition of children’s exercise with this week’s podcast!

Sport’s not about forcing kids to run and sweat, it’s about encouraging kids to be curious, to play and to find love and laughter in movement.

That’s what you’ll learn in this week’s podcast with Aimee and Clint of Primal Influence.

Aimee and Clint run primal play workshops for both children and adults. They also coach adults and families on healthy eating strategies for optimal health. They’re super stars when it comes to the field of primal health and nutrition!

In this episode of Bumi and Friends we cover so many wonderful topics including:

  • How to get your children outside and moving!
  • How to get the whole family moving together.
  • Why adults should be out there copying their kids on the playground and in the yard. Yep it’s time to put your gumboots on parents and jump in the puddles, swing from the trees and crawl on the ground as well.
  • The many benefits of eating gelatine, how to use it and is it safe for children?
  • What you can do to get your children eating more vegetables.

It’s a jam-packed episode with so much to learn for both you and the children.

Make sure you check out the Primal Cave Camp Aimee and Clint are hosting thisNovember 4 2016 by clicking on this link: http://www.primalinfluence.com/paleo-camping-retreat

And find out more about Aimee and Clint and Primal Influence on the following links: http://www.primalinfluence.com
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