August 11, 2016

BW 12: Transforming childhood challenges into your biggest blessing with athlete Brett Hillier

How childhood bullying and physical disability, became athlete Brett Hillier’s, biggest gifts.

What limitations do you put on yourself?
Do you tell yourself you’re not strong enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, funny enough, smart enough…anything enough?!
Us human’s are good at creating our own limitations wouldn’t you agree? But what if you were born with a handicap and your limitation wasn’t self-imposed? What would you do then?

On today’s show we are joined by athlete Brett Hillier of who was born with a handicap.

He talks us through the bullying he received as a child because of this, and how he turned his greatest obstacles into his biggest blessings. He teaches us that even with a handicap, most limitations are still self-imposed.

Brett’s now a driven athlete who is about to confront his biggest challenge yet, a marathon run from Melbourne to Perth! Find out more about this adventure here and also on his facebook page

Brett is also passionate about giving back to the community and tells us about his Hoodie Project! Brett has purchased a bunch load of hoodies and is giving them out to the homeless people on Melbourne Streets. You can become involved yourself by purchasing one of Brett’s hoodies from!shop/mjnsi and he’ll then pass it on to someone else in need.

This is heart-warming episode of the Bumi and Friends podcast. If you have children who are trying to overcome their own limitations, then this would be an inspiring episode for you to listen to with them.