July 28, 2016

BW 11: How Roberta Irwin helped her son overcome ADHD through healthy diet

Behaviour problems in children, it’s got nothing to do with what a child eats, right? It’s just kids being kids.
ADHD, that’s also nothing to do with dietary factors either?

This week’s podcast guest is here to illustrate how the above is completely false.

We’re joined by Roberta Irwin of www.roguevitality.com.

Roberta is a Mum of three who used a healthy, Paleo style diet, to help her young son Xander cope with his diagnosis of ADHD. In doing so, Roberta’s son was able to avoid a prescription of traditional ADHD medication and transform his chaotic behaviour into calmness and the ability to get along. Roberta’s family also joined in on the diet changes with Xander, and in the process, cured problems with IBS, lost weight and gained boundless amounts of energy to embrace life and all its wonder.

If Roberta can alleviate Xander’s ADHD with pure diet change, imagine what you could do for your family?

Listen to this week’s episode to be inspired.

To find out more about Roberta, treating ADHD and healthy living for the whole family, head to the following online locations:

Website: http://roguevitality.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roguevitality/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rogue-Vitality-1429126320744723/?fref=ts