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BMR 7: The Barefoot Guide To Happiness – Dr Brett Hill

Episode 7
31, Jul, 2017
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Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what mindset the happiest and most successful people on the planet have? Have you ever asked why we wear shoes or drink milk from another animal beyond infancy? If so then prepare to have your mind blown!

Dr Brett Hill has acquired an abundance of wisdom through parenting, research, writing, interviewing over 500 health professionals and through his own life experiences.

In this episode we chat about what are the common themes, tools and tactics that he has noted from interviewing so many world leaders in many different health fields. We discuss why you want to go barefoot, what movement, food and mindset you will need to become the best you.

Show breakdown:

  • Throwing yourself in the deep end with the purpose of growing!
  • Mental growth from physical pain.
  • What Dr Brett Hill has learned from being a father.
  • What Brett has learned from conducting over 500 interviews!
  • Better recovery equals better results.
  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Small steps to achieve success.
  • Keep failing forwards.
  • Foundational movements.
  • Are you moving right for you and your goals?
  • Why you want to go barefoot!
  • The body needs no help just no interference!
  • Bare feet = happy hormones!
  • Hiking boots??
  • Foot science.
  • Paleo versions and misunderstandings.
  • What did our ancestors actually eat?
  • Wheat and dairy?
  • How to heal our body.
  • The one question that really counts.
  • Experience and immersion based learning.
  • Glorifying busy.
  • Dr Brett’s wisdom for the world!

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