July 17, 2017

BMR 6: The Gym Within You – Mike Fitch

Would you like to be mobile, strong, look great and enjoy movement without a gym and equipment? Well you actually can!

In this episode I chat with Mike Fitch – the creator of Global Bodyweight Training and Animal Flow about how using your body effectively can help create freedom in your life. You can create strength, stability, mobility, build muscle, eliminate pain and even make you smarter! We talk about how we are designed to move as humans, how you can begin your journey and also how you may change your mindset and let go of any fears when transitioning towards a more bodyweight style of training.

Show breakdown:
• Mike’s journey through movement.
• Bodybuilding to bodyweight athlete!
• Humbled by children that sparked a passion.
• Gymnastics, breakdancing, parkour, free running, hand-balancing.
• You have everything you need on you!
• Why you will want animal movements in your life.
• Correcting your posture and pain.
• How it can work with yoga, cross-fit, dance, bodybuilding and powerlifting.
• Trust your body in any environment.
• Gain muscle and gain strength with smart programming.
• “Suffer through the structure to conquer the chaos”.
• Open chain vs closed chain – lat pulldown vs pull up.
• Assess, address and progress to find success!
• Mastery vs diversity – variability is key.
• Mikes foundational movements.
• Developmental stages.
• Train to be human!
• Play, vulnerability and community.
• How Mike overcame a serious neck issue.
• My 87 y/o client that can do pull ups for the first time.
• Ignite your love affair with movement!
• Finding your best self through movement.
• Mike’s wisdom for the world!

Find Mike here:
Global Bodyweight Training: https://www.globalbodyweighttraining.com/about/about-mike-fitch/
Animal Flow: https://www.animalflow.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikegbt/?hl=en

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