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BMR 17: The Formula For a Great Long Life – With Marcus Pearce

Episode 17
20, Aug, 2018
}57 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode I talk with longevity expert Marcus Pearce about the formula to a great long life. Marcus has interviewed dozens of healthy, happy older people including many centurions and holocaust survivors to delineate what the key aspects are in living a great long life. Marcus has also spent time living in one of the ‘Blue Zones’ Ikaria (a little greek island) known as the island where people forget to die.

This is a fun and very informative chat where we talk about what Marcus learned from living amongst one of the healthiest cultures on the planet and also what surprised him! We draw on this experience and the dozens of interviews he has conducted to tease out what the 8 step formula is for a great long life – not to be mistaken for a long life (there is a difference and we talk about this too!). Learn how through life his perception of healthy has changed dramatically and why he re-wrote the script for his life.

If you want to live and great long life this is a must listen!

The Breakdown :

  • What got Marcus into wellness (very romantic!)
  • A vegan transformation
  • How your perception correlates to death
  • The evolution of Marcus’s definition of his best self.
  • Why we shouldn’t judge people for their behaviour
  • Lessons from living in the ‘Blue Zone’ Ikaria
  • Why Marcus re-wrote the script for his life
  • Explaining Blue Zones
  • What shocked Marcus in Ikaria
  • Exercise vs movement
  • How we may change our food structure for the family
  • Putting water in your wine?!
  • The great long life blueprint – step by step
  • Factors that improve QUALITY of life
  • The exceptional 8
  • Have you got the ingredients in the wrong order?
  • Progress through simplicity
  • Why everyone around you may want you to be mediocre
  • The enemies to a good long life
  • Why a holocaust survivor forgave hitler
  • A great script is key, but are you writing it?
  • What one thing can you do now to live an exceptional life?


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