September 11, 2017

BMR 10: Body Image – Your Best-Self vs Your Perfect Self – with Dr Verena Raschke-Cheema

Did you know that just by changing your mindset around your food consumption you can feel better, look better and even rid yourself of pain?

In this episode I talk with Dr Verena about eating for aesthetics vs eating for wellness and we really dive into body image and how we can begin to make a positive shift. Dr Verena has conducted extensive research in nutritional science and published material on the ‘nutrition transition’ – a point in time where our food practices changed dramatically as well as our global wellness. More recently Dr Verena has studied Neuro-Training & Yogi, bhogi, rogi burp and behaviour change which is why this is such a powerful combination and an episode you don’t want to miss!

Show breakdown:

  • Verena’s journey.
  • Best me vs perfect me.
  • The outer perfect body image.
  • Dr Verena’s PHD study.
  • Transition through food – when our health turned.
  • Food diversity, cash crops, agriculture and indigenous food practices.
  • Community based food vs eating alone.
  • Taking the focus off getting in shape to get in shape!
  • Where exercise fits in.
  • How to sort the misinformation from fact.
  • Operating out of intelligence vs fear.
  • How fear causes pain and inflammation.
  • Why you need to be aware of your thoughts when exercising!
  • How to begin to address body image issues.
  • Imagination and self talk are insights.
  • Connect with yourself and love yourself.
  • Connect with what you love and avoid self punishment.
  • Connect with other people!
  • Remove the bad choices, inject nourishment.
  • Mindful eating – ‘earth to table’
  • Proper food preparation.
  • The whole food ceremony.
  • Dr Verenas favourite tools: including the Yogi-bogi-rollgi-burp technique.
  • Verena’s wisdom for the world!

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