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BC 31: Krista Burns – Better posture for brighter futures

Episode 31
09, Nov, 2016
}36 Minutes

Show Notes

Dr Krista Burns:  DC, PhD, CPN, CPE, CPEP

Krista is a chiropractor and founder of the American Posture Institute.  In addition to her chiropractic degree, Krista completed a Doctorate degree in Health Administration with an emphasis on Health Policy.  To increase her clinical expertise she also completed certification as a Certified Postural Neurologist, Certified Posture Expert, Certified Posture Exercise Professional and also completely the Carrick Functional Neurology Program.

Krista is a published author with her evidence based book, The Principles of Posturology.  She has created certified posture programs with health professionals in over 32 countries worldwide having completed her online courses.

  1. What is postural neurology and how its relate to brain function.
  2. Frontal cortex and its relationship with which type of exercises.
  3. Physical Vs Neural Ergonomics
  4. Sensory disassociation with multiple stimuli versus single task orientation
  5. Tech Neck (in Australia it is referred to as text neck) and its implications on health and well being
  6. Shakespeare Vs the Gangster Rapper  – how is that related to Posture
  7. The concept of Digital Dementia
  8. How can the listeners organize their workspace with a Neuro Ergonomic set up for better health and productivity?

To find out more about Krista and the American Posture Institute go to

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