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15, Jun, 2016
}72 Minutes

Show Notes

Biography of Dr David Traster


David is a chiropractic neurologist in the United States who specializes in traumatic brain injuries, vestibular disorders and neurodegeneration. Apart from his chiropractic and Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board qualifications, he also holds a Masters in Sports Health Science and is a Fellow of the American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation.


This podcast is called Balance, Brain and the Body and will focus on how the brain creates maps of the body and the surrounding  environment in order to maintain balance and provide appropriate movement.  Many health disorders, as well as ageing, is associated with a decrease in balance and stability and we will discuss why this is, what it means, and what can be done about it.


This was introduced by observing a case study approach of an 87 year old lady (Paul’s mum) who had two falls in the last 6 months.


How does the brain compensate for this peripheral neuropathy?


Is it better to fix something that is not working or help improve something that is compensating and allow it to work better?


What does proprioception, ocular and vestibular function mean? How does balance rely on the three pillars of the eyes, ears and spine?


How does a functional neurologist differ from what a specialist does in assessing balance?


How does the brain encode movement?


How common is a central problem causing dizziness?


How does the brain create and update maps of our body and our environment?

When we talk spine and proprioception , what are the richest areas of proprioception in the body?


The concept of changing different sensory evoked potentials in the brain by varied sensory inputs that can lead to different motoric,sensory or cognitive outputs.


The challenge with not having a gravity receptor, despite balance being one the oldest systems in the body.


Correlating falls risk and proprioceptive decline.


Three take home tips for practitioners and patients.


Dr Traster is the keynote speaker for the upcoming Australasian Academy of Functional Neurology’s 8th annual symposium, “Bridging the Gaps with Brain Based Therapies” where he will be presenting on vestibular and ocular clinical application from Friday July 29 to August 1. Located in sunny Sydney, Australia, this jam packed weekend will bring together leading researchers and clinicians to showcase the latest clinical application of neuroscience. Other speakers include Chiropractors:  Brett Jarosz, Will Johnson and Danielle Gregory; PhDs and PhD candidate, Dr Ebonie Rio and Matthew Bagg; and allied health professions Dr Simon Grbevski and Luke Henderson. Purchase  your tickets at before early bird finishes on June 30.

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