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BC 07: Professor Frederick (Ted) Carrick on The Past of Functional Neurology

Episode 07
24, Jun, 2015
}50 Minutes

Show Notes

  1. It all started in 1979 in New Hampshire
  2. Why Professor Carrick’s practice swelled with a waiting list?
  3. Professor Carrick’s Chiropractic influences in the 70s– Drs Janse and Napolitano and the legacy they passed onto him
  4. Professor Carrick’s Neuro influences – Sherrington, Cajal
  5. Posture, Gait, Movement and Eyes.
  6. What a typical day was like in the early days: Typewriter> Wet Lab >Photo Lab and using his pilots licence to fly down to New York to lecture!
  7. Professor Carrick’s complete commitment to our profession Vs the sacrifice to his family.
  8. Blind Spot Studies
  9. Connection of Art and Neurology
  10. Comparing the Carrick institute of Graduate Studies in 1982 (when it started) to today in 2015!
  11. What is the CIS?
  12. The majesty of the eye!
  13. Fatiguability and the nervous system.
  14. Upcoming Carrick Neuron Theory course start dates

Health Expert Biography – Professor Frederick (Ted) Carrick

Prof Frederick (Ted) Carrick has maintained an international specialty practice for 37 years.  He is the recipient of numerous professional, governmental and societal awards honoring his contributions to Health Care and the field of clinical neuroscience.  He has taught clinical neurology around the world to physicians from all disciplines and is considered the father of functional neurology.  He has been the subject of the Emmy award-winning PBS documentary: “Waking up the Brain”, as well as countless prime time television, newspaper, magazine and journal articles.  Ted Carrick holds professorships in neurology at several institutions, has served as the chair of his State Board of Licensure and Registration, president of the ACA Council on neurology and has held countless professional and governmental appointments.  He holds four board certifications in neurology and nine fellowship credentials.   He is a graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and Walden University.  His PhD dissertation “Neurophysiological Implications in Learning” has served as a model for patient and physician training. Prof. Carrick is a published researcher in the field of neurology and completed his Post Doctoral training at Harvard Medical School where he was a clinical scholar and graduated from the GCSRT program,  where he was honored to provide the student speaker address.  He is the principal investigator in several ongoing investigations designed to improve the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury.  Patients from around the globe, including professional athletes, Olympians and celebrities are referred to Prof. Carrick, giving him the nickname of “Doctor to the Stars”.  Ted also has a life long history of service to humankind and regularly donates his time and resources to attend patients in neurological consultation throughout the world.  He has special interests in movement disorders, traumatic brain injury and sports concussions and has developed novel treatments in this area.   Professor Carrick has assembled the world’s largest database of Dynamic Computerized Posturographic outcomes related to traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative disease and movement disorders assembled from thousands of patients from around the globe.  His published scientific articles have appeared in the prestigious journals of Gate and Posture, Disability and Rehabilitation, Frontiers Public Health, Biomedical Science Instrumentation, Journal of Biomechanics, Current Pharmaceutical Design, Brain Injury, Neurorehabilitation, Clinical Neurophysiology, International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health, Journal of Alternative Medicine, Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, Mediterranean Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, International Journal on Disability and Human Development.



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