BC 01: Dr Paul Noone (Chiro) Understanding Neurology

Episode 1
04, Mar, 2015
}40 Minutes

Show Notes

During our first podcast, we interviewed one of Australia’s leading authorities in Functional Neurology – Dr Paul Noone.Here Paul discusses one of the five pillars of health – YOUR NEUROLOGY – and how to be your best.The 1990’s was designated the “Decade of the Brain” to enhance public awareness of the benefits to be derived from brain research.The nervous system is fundamental to our health and  performance as it regulates and controls every voluntary and involuntary action of the body.Dr Noone discusses with us , in our inaugural BACKchat podcast, the emerging field of brain health and how we can optimize our neurology.He provides a picture for us of how currently Functional Neurology is in Australia , and what the future may hold.Dr Noone walks us through the term neuroplasticity and what a functional neurology consultation will look like in twenty years time.This revolutionary and visionary view of neurology is both fascinating and inspiring to those of us striving to be the best we can be!


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BACKchat is hosted by chiropractors Dr. Paul Bergamo and Bianca Dobson. BACKchat is a thought provoking health podcast, empowering you to live to your true, health potential. We discuss with leading health experts and inspirational individuals, the importance of the 5 pillars of health: “Thinking, Eating, Moving, Sleeping and your Neurology.”

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