June 23, 2017

AQJ 76: Enemas Are Not Your Enemy!

“I consider enemas as non-negotiable when doing GAPS. If you don’t do enemas, you’re taking something away from your journey that makes an instantaneous difference.” – Elyse Comerford, Health Scientist and GAPS Practitioner

Elyse has been jokingly dubbed ‘The Enema Queen’ in the Quirky Cooking for Gut Health Program, for her frequent advice on enemas and why they are so important for those working through chronic health issues. We recorded Elyse speaking on this subject at our recent gut health retreat, and the conversation is lively and fun, with lots of great info!

Elyse explains that enemas are not just for people suffering from constipation, they are also amazing for detoxing. When you’re sick, or feeling the effects of die off from changing to a healing diet, enemas can bring fast relief, reducing detox symptoms and also helping you to feel more energised.

We also talk about how to explain gut health to children, using the fun kid’s book “Happy Happy Poo” – check it out here: https://www.quirkycooking.com.au/shop/books/happy-happy-poo/

In this episode:

The difference between a colonic and an enema

What you need and how to get started

How enemas work

How often you should do them

Different kinds of enemas – water, coffee, bicarb, sole water, probiotic and even meat stock!

Enemas with kids

When enemas are not recommended

How to talk to kids about gut health


You can buy an enema kit from Elyse’s shop, here: https://www.coalcoastorganics.com.au/collections/gaps-supplies/products/home-enema-kit

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