June 9, 2017

AQJ 75: GAPS 101 with Elyse Comerford

Elyse Comerford is an experienced GAPS practitioner who helps to coach our gut health program members through the early stages of the GAPS protocol. At our recent Life-Changing Food Gut Health Retreat, Elyse spoke on the basic principles of GAPS, how it works to nourish and heal your body, and why it works. Her focus is on nourishing the body with healing foods, supporting the body to detox effectively, and taking a ‘do no harm’ approach to healing.

This is a great podcast to listen to if you want to know more about GAPS, but even those who have been eating this way for a while will learn a lot from what Elyse has to say.

Learn more about Elyse on her website, www.elysecomerford.com

Learn more about our gut health program at www.gaps.quirkycooking.com.au

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