October 21, 2016

AQJ 61: Sleep Nutrition, with Lucy Lichtenstein (part 2)

We’re back this week with the second part of the interview with Lucy Lichtenstein, on Sleep Nutrition! Listen in and learn how to improve your night’s sleep. We talk about:

– how gut health relates to sleep

– how to get out of the vicious circle of stress causing poor sleep, and poor sleep causing stress

– how your diet affects anxiety and sleep

– how to reduce your need for caffeine and not rely on it to ‘prop you up’ each day

– how heavy metal toxicity can affect sleep, and Lucy’s experience with detoxing

– how detoxing on GAPS can affect sleep

– why you may be waking at a certain time every night

– before bed snacks that will help you sleep

…. and more

We also discussed the importance of seeing a sleep specialist if you’re having major sleep issues, such as David Cunnington of SleepHub.com.au.

Listen in, and enjoy more restful sleep!