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AQJ 36 : Simplifying – with Fouad Kassab

02, Oct, 2015
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Show Notes

Over the last couple of months, Jo has been focusing on simplifying her busy life. She says, “It’s challenging not to get caught up in the ‘do more, have more, eat more, buy more’ mentality”, and that we have to consciously work on taking a step back and making life simpler, even though that’s not what our culture is all about.

In this episode, she chats with her friend, Fouad, about how they both found their lives were getting way too complicated, and what they have done to help simplify things. They talk about the importance of not getting so caught up in all the ‘doing’ that we neglect the ‘being’, learning to say no, learning to cook more simply, decluttering, disconnecting from the constant barrage of social media, how lists and prioritising can help, and how little things we do to live a simpler life can help someone else to have a better life.

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Jo Whitton and Fouad Kassab share their families’ journeys to good health. Learn why they chose to undertake a GAPS/Paleo diet approach and how it works out in their everyday lives. You will find an abundance of tips, recipes, stories and inspiration.

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