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AQJ 134: Travel Tips – Travel Food, Eating Out and Being Prepared!

Episode 134
08, Mar, 2019
}40 Minutes

Show Notes

Jo and her two eldest kids (19 and 21) have just come back from travelling overseas, and in this episode Jo shares her travel tips, especially for those who are on special diets and find the idea of overseas travel a bit daunting! She talks about:

  • What foods you can and can’t take on flights overseas (and in Australia)
  • Her favourite travel snacks, and how to pack them
  • Tips for travelling gluten free in Spain
  • Eating out, and what foods may have hidden gluten
  • Doing your research before you go and preparing ahead
  • Mistakes they made and what they learnt on the trip
  • The importance of travel for kids (and adults!)

You’ll also hear about the places they travelled and their itinerary –  so watch out, you’ll be wanting to book flights to Spain after this episode!!

Make sure you also listen to the intro of the last podcast, which was recorded in Spain with their friend and tour guide, Victor Garrido of ‘We Love Malaga’! Listen here.

Useful Links:

A Gluten Gree Guide to Spain

Top 10 Food Markets in Spain! (Always check out the markets wherever you go – they’re amazing!)

Food Tours in South Spain that we recommend – let them know if you’re gluten free and they will accomodate you!

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