Advertising & Sponsorship

The Wellness Couch has a range of advertising options including site wide digital advertising, station wide sponsorship and individual show sponsorship.

How Big Is The Wellness Couch Audience?

The Wellness Couch has taken the health and wellness world by storm in just three short years growing from a single podcast show to Australia’s #1 health podcast network and continues to go from strength to strength

The Stats That Matter

  • 27,000+ downloads per week
  • Over 1.4 million downloads per year
  • Over 12,500 Facebook (The Wellness Guys and The Wellness Couch)
  • Over 3,000 newsletter subscribers
  • Over 16,000 monthly page views
  • Over 4,000 monthly unique visitors

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Audience Overview

  • Female 82%
  • Between 25-44 70%
  • Full Time Workers 51%
  • Parents with children 63%
  • Household Income $100 – 150k 24%
  • Believe Health & Fitness is Important to Them 91%
  • Attend Yoga or Pilates Classes 41%
  • Are extremely health conscious of their eating habits 91%
  • Follow a diet or some kind 93%
  • Take supplements 75%